• An Introduction…

    22nd Sep 2019 by

    Welcome to Pondering Positivity! This is one of those obligatory posts some bloggers do when starting out as an overview of what they are about, I am no exception. So here we go… You wonderful people can call me L. Pondering Positivity is primarily a place where I will post a collection of my many… Read more

  • PERMA: Engagement

    3rd May 2022 by

    Dearest lovely readers, Gosh it has gotten grey all of sudden here. Things are a little difficult for me at the moment given I am currently coming off some medication, it is tough side effects but I am doing it. Let us get straight into today’s topic: engagement. What is engagement? Engagement refers to being… Read more

  • PERMA: Positive Emotions

    21st Apr 2022 by

    Dearest lovely readers, What a beautiful sunshine day here as I write to you. It feels like spring is truly coming, does it not? Today’s topic is positive emotions within the the PERMA model. Now it sounds simple enough to add positive emotions to your life, but it can also be a bit vague. What… Read more

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