An Introduction…

Welcome to Pondering Positivity! This is one of those obligatory posts some bloggers do when starting out as an overview of what they are about, I am no exception. So here we go… You wonderful people can call me L. Pondering Positivity is primarily a place where I will post a collection of my many thoughts. Despite life, I have lived a blessed year filled with goodness, love and gratitude. I have completed what was for me a transformative course of therapy, feeling like I have evolved and grown as a person. Here is where I wish to make a safe space for my thoughts, things I have learned, concepts I find fascinating. I know, I know. Why not journal? Well the answer is simple, lovely stranger. I want to be able to share my journey, my narrative, with you. In the simplest of hopes you might be inspired, feel well or even be able to find common ground with a stranger. Every Sunday I will publish a new post on something I feel can bring positivity to our lives, can improve our well-being or just simply something I have learned and wish to share with you all. These will be topics such as book reviews, well-being ideas, habits, psychological concepts and so much more. Well that is all for now but please do comment, subscribe and message me, I would love to interact with all of you. I hope you enjoy my future posts. Happiness to you all, L x

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