Essential self-care

Self-care is a term that is thrown around a lot by people and mainstream media, whilst most places offer good advice it can often be misconstrued and misunderstood. It is one of the pillars for mental and emotional well-being. I am hoping to discuss what self-care entails and offer a bit of guidance on how to practice it for better well-being. First of all, what is self-care? Simply put, it is defined as the practice of protecting your happiness and taking action to preserve your own health. It sounds straightforward enough, albeit a bit vague. How do you protect your own happiness? How do you preserve your health? To me, self-care is made up of the smaller, basic daily actions we take upon ourselves to ensure we remain in a state of good health and of a more optimistic mindset. The actions are the building blocks for a solid foundation of being mentally. emotionally, physically, even spiritually, well. Acts of self-care can fall into certain categories of; physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional. It can be difficult to find a balance of ensuring all your needs are met but it is possible. Below are just a few prompts of how to practice self-care:
  • Make doctor and dental appointments when you need to
  • Drink water and keep hydrated
  • Sleep as best as possibly can
  • Get outside even just for 10 minutes
  • Exercise regularly
  • Nurture the important relationships in your life
  • Set boundaries that you are comfortable with
  • Know that ‘no’ is a complete sentence
  • Plan pleasurable activities
  • Keep up with hobbies and things you are passionate about
  • Check in with yourself often and ensure you are spending your energy on the right things.
Like many things that require practice, consistency is key. Engaging with self-care can be difficult when busy with life, work and other commitments. Self-care requires a strong intention and active planning to make sure your wellness comes first. Making time for your wellness reduces the likelihood of burn out and increases the ability to feel calm and relaxed. Much happiness, L x

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