The struggle of simply being

In a world full of people and their constant reminders to be busy, productive, successful and focused on the future or the next ‘big thing’. Or being so lost in the past. It can be hard to find yourself stopping and enjoying the moment that is in front of us right now. One of the hardest lessons I am still learning is balance. Balance of how to just be. Acknowledging the appreciation and comfort of being in the present. Many years ago after my first breakdown I was swarming through the past, I saw no future and lived for the weekends to distract myself. I never had solid goals or healthy long-term plans for the future. Whilst this did change, I was still never comfortable just sitting and savouring the current moments. Even over the last few months my manic periods had me planning large projects I would love to do but would ultimately never complete. My darker moments saw me drowning in emotions. A lot of the time I would take on too much when the good days came. However, more recently I have been able to have these deep moments of focusing on the present and having that comfort and peace I needed in the activity I was doing (usually reading). I firmly believe that to increase our wellness there needs to be a balance of where we lie our energies. Having goals and working towards the future is something I encourage. But I also want to emphasise that there is a silent, soft and growing power in simply being. In purely enjoying the moment you are in. Whether that is putting your whole mind and heart into an activity or having a short moment without planning or doing anything. This could be through reflecting, pondering and even breathing. I want to take a moment to explain a little bit more about why having a balanced mindset around our perspective of time can be beneficial to our wellbeing. It has been found that people having a ‘balanced time perspective’ are happier, more satisfied with life, people feel like they have a stronger purpose in life and are generally more optimistic. What this means is, having the ability to be able to focus the right amount of taking the best from the past and having a healthy perspective of the future can make a really positive impact on the present. I have many days where I am able to have this balance and replenish my energy, my self in times where I can just cosy up and read all day. But of course, this is real life and this isn’t always possible. But there are many ways of being able to find the balance: all it requires is active intent. This could be practicing gratitude, spending an hour or an evening focused on relaxation and doing something nourishing for you. I especially feel that if there are moments where boredom kicks in, which it does, and you go to check social media, that it should sometimes be spent as quiet contemplation, I feel a lot can be learned about yourself in those moments. Much happiness, L x

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