Affirmations; the clouds are floating away.

Ahoy, ahoy my fellow lovelies!

Well isn’t this day just lovely and sunny? At least it is for me as I travel on a wobbly train.

Today’s order of business is I shall talk a little bit about what has been going on in my life, my mind, and tell you a little bit about this wonderful weekend I just had. Then, I think a little piece on affirmations would be good in this time of positivity.

As you are all aware, I have been unwell since the beginning of December, I think that is changing now, you perfect strangers. I feel like I was being dragged down to the murky depths of the ocean for so long but over the last week i have been feeling more myself every day, the heavy, burdensome clouds are dissipating. talking with my partner has certainly helped to reflect and come up with some theories.

Now, I have theorised to have SAD but, as I have never been diagnosed I would never want to say that explicitly. As I was so well last year I was not expecting to fall down so quickly. But as the lighter nights have started again I feel lighter. It appears (although I will never have official confirmation) that my mental health is severely impacted by the dark nights of winter. I wasn’t able to notice this in the years prior as I was in a constant state of illness. I was completely blindsided and this explanation feels right to my instincts, going forward I will be prepared and plan for the coming Autumn/Winter time.

What also made it worse was my smoking cessation treatment. I looked back at my timelines maybe a week or so ago and having the full dose correlates to my worsening mental health: how I move forward yet is to be looked at, I have reduced the dosage currently as I have almost finished the programme and am feeling better for it… This experience is mine alone of course and not representative of any other person’s experience.

So this weekend has been truly lovely. I am currently into my fourth year volunteering for a large, global social movement which aims to reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health which I am, of course, so passionate about. Side note: it is actually how I met the most wonderful man in my universe (real cute story to tell people). This weekend was a celebration for current volunteers, I am considered alumni.

My partner and I arrived Friday with such ease it was almost unbelievable. We had a lovely evening walking around, I bought many things I am struggling to lug about on this journey home. I was a bit like a pinball machine with my emotions Friday, presumably because I was presenting a small activity on the day. The event went wonderfully, I officially started my career as a motivational speaker and it was so, so wonderful to see fellow alumni who just consistently inspire with their strength and passion. However, I did become a bit low on the afternoon, I feel I made the most of the day despite this. My partner and I spent the night in the hotel, ordered takeaway and read. It was deeply nourishing,

So I am currently on the train home and want to share the activity I did with the volunteers.

As many know, affirmations are often used in the wellness world almost as a buzzword. The exercises are also often used in therapeutic settings. I am unashamed to admit I love affirmations. I find them to be a much needed source of strength and positivity, especially written down as a physical reminder, to have when the dark days rumble in. They are known to be a way of increasing positive mental states and self-esteem. Essentially, when taking care of our self-esteem we are doing so as an act of love. We all know I love self-love.

Affirmations can be general self-boosting phrases, or they could be used for a specific issue. One I have fallen in love with is: regardless of whether I win or lose, succeed or fail, the truth always remains that I am enough (Science of self-love). I will make an additional post in the next couple of days with a list of my affirmations for you to hopefully help inspire you to write more of your own.

A couple of topics I would always encourage affirmations is in success and growth. Thanks to how connected to others we are through social media now it is so easy to compare ourselves to others and feel less than them. But if my volunteering over the last few years has taught me anything, is that we have our own timelines and our own success. Our values can help to define what we view as success and we all have a different definition. For me, success is knowing when to celebrate, know when to show myself additional kindness and always, always act in accordance with my values as best I can to have complete congruency of my selves.

So what do success and growth look like to you? How do you measure it? What does it feel like?

That is all for today, folks.

Much happiness to you,

L x

PS I am aware I need to add my signposting page and will be doing so in the next week.

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