How my pets help my well-being

Good morning my wonderful beings! I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves. Today I thought I would keep it light and breezy after my last post. So today is more of a ramble (becoming part of my signature on this blog) about my wonderful pets and how they have helped me in recovery! I suppose it is more common knowledge that pets are known to increase oxytocin (the calming hormone) in humans allowing for improved mood, being more relaxed and calm. I have felt these effects personally. In my household there are three dogs, and I love them. My golden Labrador Heidi is just wonderful and all she ever wants is hugs and attention. We rescued her I think around 6 years ago. She took a few days to warm up to everyone but me, that happened within the first few hours and that bond has stuck. I always give her as much love as I can on a daily basis, she is a very calm dog in the home and certainly enjoys sleeping in the bed! Two years ago however, I decided to get two lovely adorable little beings purely for me rather than my family. They were initially therapy pets as I became more unwell, I thought I wanted a guinea pig, but when I saw them for sale I knew I had to get them both.
Blossom and Brenda (L to R)
Mother and daughter, they were perfect! At first they were very shy with me, but after consistent interaction they came into their own and have such personalities! Blossom is a bit more shy than Mama Brenda. But she likes to chirp and pull a ‘puppy-dog’ look for more nuggets. Brenda has her grumbles but loves attention. Getting these two really helped me in recovery, having them allowed me to take care of them which in turn led me to taking care of myself. Having Brenda and Blossom gave me focus and a purpose when I felt so lost. I could spend forever just watching them play and relax. I’ve became so intent on giving them the best life possible as strange as that may seem but no expense is spared to ensure they are happy and healthy. I am so grateful to have them in my life, they are full of happiness and are a gift. Gosh, I’m rather sentimental today I feel. But they have been there for me at my lowest and guinea pigs are beautiful, intelligent and loving creatures to have in your home. Do any of you have any pets? Much love, L x

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