Routines: the night

Hello, hello loves!

Many posts ago I talked about morning routines and their benefit (see here). I have altered my routine a few times, as would be expected, to better suit my day and now I feel confident in my routine and like I can start my day right for me. Night routines have similar benefits to morning routines in that you can end your day on a positive, soothing and calming note.

Now, you have complete freedom over how you do a night routine, remember that it must be consistent and maintained in order to have a positive impact. A key message in the purpose of a night routine is to help settle your mind and be ready for a (hopefully) good night’s sleep.

I usually start my routine between 6-7pm. I take my medication, prep fresh food for the guinea pigs and feed them. I then usually complete my skincare routine, settle down and journal as well as plan the next day so that I know what I am doing and have purpose for the day that is coming. I then usually talk to my partner and settle for sleep. I say usually because there are days where I might complete the routine earlier if I am feeling low or drained, or change the activities that I complete. Either way I have had a relaxing end to my day and can end ona more positive note despite what might have happened in that day.

Creating a routine for yourself may be beneficial if you feel like you have no time to yourself, this can be your “me-time”. A chance to do activities you find relaxing such as reading or drawing or knitting, affirmations, having a bath or shower. I feel having a routine is a pillar of self-care. It is your way of telling yourself, your mind, your brain that it is time to reflect, relax and soothe.

Let me know if you have a night-time routine!

Much happiness to you,

L x

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