Quitting social media

Hey people, welcome back.

Today I thought it would be good to discuss something a little bit different and something I have done recently. I quit social media.

I have always been on some form of social media since I was a pre-teen (11 or 12 years old) from Piczo, Bebo, MySpace, Facebook to Instagram. In my younger years with Piczo, I just loved redesigning my website again and again, it seemed “harmless”. But by the time I came to having Facebook as a teenager, there was always that pressure to have everyone added and showing off your life. Research has shown that many people end up with an anxiety-related disorder due to social media.

In recent years, I was feeling sick of Facebook, I tried to remedy it by deleting countless “friends”. It wasn’t enough, I had to delete my whole account. I was tired of seeing hate and scandal more than unplifting, insightful, inspirational content. From this I joined Instagram thinking I could find a bit more community, and for a time I did. Though I didn’t post regularly I enjoyed the scrolling, it was addictive. But lately I have found the algorithm bias, I found I compared myself to many people and that is not healthy. I practice what I speak, so to quit this entirely meant putting my mental health first.

The day I did it, I messaged a fair amount of people telling them I haven’t been blocking but deleting my account (I like to avoid conflict at all costs) and the first few hours after deleting my account I was unsure of what to do. I now had all this time to be present and I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I actually missed Instagram for a few days but have found some inner peace not allowing myself to endlessly scroll for hours each day. I take a more Stoic approach to social media in that it’s neither good not bad, it is how it is used by individuals and groups that determines it’s goodness. Personally, social media in general is not for me right now and that’s okay. I have plenty of other ways to stay connected to people, whether by text or good old fashioned letters.

As Cal Newport said in his TEDx Talk on quitting social media I have gone through a detox process, and I am rather glad I have now got more time to myself and placing my habit energy into more positive pursuits.

Check out that video if you’re interested!

Much love,

L x

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