Article inspired: hobbies

Happy Sunday!

I occasionally like to read well-being magazines so today’s post has been inspired by Issue 30 of Breathe magazine. I know many likes my previous post so thought I would have another small piece.

In this issue, Kat Smith wrote about hobbies being turned into “side hustles” and found that in our current society, society tells us nearly everything we do should help us turn a profit. The article states that turning something in to a business may end up being less fun in the long-term.

This is true, in our modern society, productivity reigns supreme and many people are finding that doing something purely for joy is falling further down their list of things to do. A New Zealand study found that having a “creative endeavour” can improve general mood until the end of the following day. 

When did this happen? When did we lose joy in doing things that being us contentment and boost our well-being? I am all for people having additional businesses and income. But I am even more for people having activities being done for pure enjoyment. 

There are so many activities that can be done from reading and creative writing to embroidery and cross-stitching, taking up a fitness class or tai chi, to mindful activities like calligraphy (which I am thinking of taking up myself). If something brings joy, carve time out for it, I promise you won’t regret it. 

Having hobbies in turns let’s us have a positive outlet for emotions and improve our mental and emotional well-being as well as an escape from the minutiae of life. So take this as a sign to do some searching and finding an activity you love just because.

Happy hobbying,

L x

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