Book review: The Sober Girl Society Handbook

Dearest lovely readers,

As a final post on alcohol awareness, I wanted to share a very little review of my favourite ‘quit lit’. I have been a fan of the blog Sober Girl Society formed by Millie Gooch for a little while. When I saw this book I pre-ordered!

The Sober Girl Society Handbook is a guide on how to quit alcohol, offering tips and advice as well as Gooch sharing her own experiences. The book immediately starts with experiences Gooch had been in, and immediately, it is relatable. She harnesses the power of humour to guide through “breaking up with booze” to “reaping the rewards” and “navigating the new normal”.

There’s a whole host of resources in the back of the book, sources of information and support.

The book contains a lot of information, but it is easy to digest and accessible to read, the chapters pace in a steady manner ending with summaries of “sober girl gains”. There are so many topics from alcohol and the body to the mind and wellness. It also covers relationships and how to cope as a sober person, and the option of being sober curious.

This book normalises sobriety, dispelling the myths. I honestly love it. So if you are curious at all, I recommend this book!

Much love,

L x

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