About PP

Pondering Positivity is a place in this online world where hope and positivity can shine through.

PP’s mission and vision

To create content that informs, educates and empowers others. It is a place where people can truly be themselves when reading and interacting. It is a place to speak on wellness and mental health.

I hope to create a community that feels strength and hope with every post.



PP will always speak with truth and integrity in any topic.


PP is a place where respect will always be given to others and on every topic discussed.


PP will always try to remain as a hopeful undertone with it being such a powerful emotion. PP values hope as a source of strength; and wants to share that strength.


All content describes my experiences only.

My experiences are not representative or generalised to other people’s experiences.

This content should not be a replacement for professional advice. If you require advice or support please visit my useful information page or contact your local health provider.