Kindness matters

Good morning my lovelies!

How are we this fine morning?

I’m a bit late to the Mental Health Awareness Week party, which this year, had a theme of kindness. In these times, kindness is vital. I normally do a fair amount of campaigning on these important dates but this year I had to look after my own well-being and mental health. I did complete an interview on TFM, hopefully it helped someone. I have found that this year many prioritised their health first which is incredibly valid.

Kindness to others and especially ourselves is vital right now, in the present and the future for so many reasons.

  1. Kindness helps us to be more empathetic and compassionate.
  2. Kindness allows us to be responsive rather than reactive. This is in the sense that we do not become rash, irrational or increase the likelihood of regrettable actions. But rather we appropriately respond calmer and have a more positive outcome.
  3. We gain a better sense of self through kindness in all its complexity.
  4. Kindness increases our sense of community and reduces isolation by treating yourself and others well.
  5. Kindness can also reduce our stress levels.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, kindness is choosing to do something that helps you or others motivated by genuine feelings. There are so many ways this can be accomplished.

How you can be more kind to you

  1. Fill your days with what gives you pleasure – you deserve it.
  2. Respect yourself to where you have gotten in life. Living is hard but you have done fantastic so far. Remind yourself of that that.
  3. Practice gratitude.
  4. Listen to your body and be intuitive of its needs.
  5. Prioritise “me-time”.
  6. Log off social media for an hour or a day, or longer if needed.

How you can be more kind to others

  1. Check in with those you know, friends, family and colleagues.
  2. If you can, donate your time or money to causes that are important to you.
  3. Send some old fashioned (but classic) snail mail.
  4. If you can, see if anyone (friends, family, neighbours) need a hand with anything.

Keep well,

L x

A note on kindness for right now

Hello fine fellows!

I do apologise for a lack of a post on Sunday, because of The Current Situation, my anxiety has been up and down at very high levels. Having GAD and agoraphobia heightened by my personality disorder has caused some… interesting emotions, thoughts and behaviours. But I am here to talk a bit about kindness today.

We are seeing it all over the news, all over social media, we are seeing it in our shops and hearing about it from others. I know it can feel like there is no escape, even I am here talking about it. But it is too important not to. COVID-19. Now I am not here to debate about how serious or not this disease is, or what the best approach is, nor even whether how people are reacting is scarier than the disease itself. What I am wanting to do today is implore that you give yourself kindness and provide the same for others and offer some gentle reminders for moving forward.

I am aware that The Current Situation may be causing some anxiety in many peoples lives so please take the above image as a reminder to keep plodding on and do what you need to do in order to try and calm yourself. I urge everyone to follow governmental advice and to keep informed via the government website and the World Health Organisation only. Now please try to keep informed without being overwhelmed and use trusted sources only for your information.

All I have heard and seen recently are people unnecessarily hoarding supplies, fist fighting to get into stores first, ransacking shops, stealing things from other peoples trolleys and so much more. It just reminds me of the need for kindness.

Now, I do not know how long this will all last for, or what happens when less and less cases are found. But what I do know is, that to upkeep our well-being we need to be kind to ourselves and to others.

In order to be kind to yourself physically, please listen to your body’s needs and keep well rested, drink water, take vitamins, supplements and medication as you need. If you have anxiety, my heart goes out to you during this time, I understand what you may be going through. I ask that you are kind to yourself in your thoughts, be mindful of negative talk and try to combat any anxious thoughts and acting accordingly. Do not judge yourself for your reaction, it is simply how your instincts are. This is the time to enact self-care as much as possible, do what makes your soul happy and nourish yourself as best possible.

More than ever we need to be kind to others. Do not blame shop workers and NHS staff on the frontlines if they do not have what you require or need to seek further information. This is a very new situation to all. There will be bigger processes and instructions being given behind-the-scenes. Buy only what you need from the shops, don’t be depleted yourself but please don’t overbuy what you need. Others may need it and it is an act of kindness. Show kindness by checking in with family, friends and neighbours, within reason if they are unwell. If you can, donate to your local food bank as no doubt they will go into shortages. Be mindful that others may be stressed and not the happiest when in public.

It is time to show strength and unity for all. We need to take care of those who are not as abled or more elderly. We need to show kindness, love and support. I say this as someone who is now quarantined.

Please take care of yourself,

L x

Side note: if you need resources and information during this time, I have further updated the information page for you all.