A good day

Credit to chibird.

I love a good day, don’t you?

But what does a good day mean to you? Much like the adorable picture above, I imagine we all have a very different picture in comparison to one another. There is so much variation that makes a good day, and having these days are worth living for

For me, a good day lets me have that happy feeling at the end, where I am refresh feeling refreshed and light hearted but knowing I had accomplished something that day. No matter how big or small, such as being able to do some housework, even sending an email.

The beauty of a good day is in its uniqueness. You could accomplish so much, hit some personal targets, or good do what you needed and rested. I think the most important part is feeling happy at the end of the day: feeling good.

What constitutes a good day is up to you, whether it is filling up the day with hobbies, or what needs to be done; the brightest way to see if the day has been good and joyful is through reflection. A way to do this is through the classic ‘what went well’ exercise used in positive psychology. By listing things that went well, no matter how small, much like gratitude, and then writing down why it went well, how it went well, you will find the good in almost every day.

We need to fill our heart with happiness at this time, in all our accomplishments, no matter how minor they may seem. Because we not always have good days, but there is bound to be some goodness in all days.

I wish you all happiness right now,

L x

Routines: the night

Hello, hello loves!

Many posts ago I talked about morning routines and their benefit (see here). I have altered my routine a few times, as would be expected, to better suit my day and now I feel confident in my routine and like I can start my day right for me. Night routines have similar benefits to morning routines in that you can end your day on a positive, soothing and calming note.

Now, you have complete freedom over how you do a night routine, remember that it must be consistent and maintained in order to have a positive impact. A key message in the purpose of a night routine is to help settle your mind and be ready for a (hopefully) good night’s sleep.

I usually start my routine between 6-7pm. I take my medication, prep fresh food for the guinea pigs and feed them. I then usually complete my skincare routine, settle down and journal as well as plan the next day so that I know what I am doing and have purpose for the day that is coming. I then usually talk to my partner and settle for sleep. I say usually because there are days where I might complete the routine earlier if I am feeling low or drained, or change the activities that I complete. Either way I have had a relaxing end to my day and can end ona more positive note despite what might have happened in that day.

Creating a routine for yourself may be beneficial if you feel like you have no time to yourself, this can be your “me-time”. A chance to do activities you find relaxing such as reading or drawing or knitting, affirmations, having a bath or shower. I feel having a routine is a pillar of self-care. It is your way of telling yourself, your mind, your brain that it is time to reflect, relax and soothe.

Let me know if you have a night-time routine!

Much happiness to you,

L x